Our professional training is experiential also for the indoor part. The main feature consists in the creation of a structured, multisensorial, interactive and inductive course: a real hub of emotional intelligence.

We organize also remote or hybrid courses to allow the partecipation of experts and managers who usually cannot be present physically. 

Internal Communication Management

The inter-functional communication action plan  is an effective method for assessing the economic impact of the incorrect management of internal communication. This tool allows to upgrade the corporate functions, to optimize actions and to improve coordination between decision-making centers. During the course there will also be the so-called “Lateran Treaty” workshop to improve negotiating skills.

Creativity production

In our creative sessions we use more than 150 techniques for fast idea generation and we transform this creativity into elements of profit for the company, applying the most suited evaluation criteria.

Outdoor experience

The ‘outdoor training’ technique was founded in the United States in the early 1990’s. It consists in a method applied for ‘personal and professional development that uses the support of concrete and real situations’. The main feature of outdoor training is the combination of experiences in open air contexts and spaces in contact with nature (forests, rivers, mountains) that are then rationalised in the classroom through the processing of the acquired concepts. Our workshops are a kaleidoscope of:

  • Orienteering: weak signals decoding, team building and collective cartography
  • Business theatre: public speaking and leadership
  • Retreat to the Vallombrosa monastery: management and Rule of Saint Benedict, listening techniques
  • Workshop with the Italian Navy: strategy and perspective-based vision

Management of the Innovation Process

The Leadership and Innovation Management workshop is useful for understanding how to handle the innovative processes as regards interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, unusual methods are used for selecting the criteria for the effective of creative groups. The following questions will be answered: Do you truly know the motivational levers that drive and engage your employees? Are you a good listener? Can you recognise the right leadership style required for a specific moment? Are you capable of handling the various degrees of anxiety that arise with the introduction in the company of innovation at different levels?

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