In 1990, Alessandro Garofalo was the only physicist among the many engineers of the Galgano Group. One day, Alberto Galgano invited him to recover the notes of a lecture Edward De Bono had held right there in Milan many years before, in 1962.

Lateral thinking, six thinking hats theory, all explained on loose sheets of paper and note books that had become barely readable and torn, hidden inside an old and dusty red suitcase. Their meticulous reconstruction generated in Alessandro a short-circuit of intuitions. An observation made by the entrepreneur Nadir Spezzapria later on, helped him realize he could make a living with his ideas.

In 1995 he creates Garofalo & Idee Associate, with the ambition to increase the capacity to innovate in the organizations within interdisciplinary contaminations. Alessandro and his team over the years have become the point of reference in Italy for unconventional consulting in the field of innovation of products and services and are authors of a structured and participative method founded on bottom-up creativity.

The team is a discrete but defining easter-egg presence in the hosting company, valuing the success of its clients, to date 226.

In this vintage gallery we have collected a few mementoes of conferences, workshops and creative sessions.

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