Alessandro Garofalo

CEO & Founder

The GPS track of his movements is an inextricable and expanding bundle. On the very few occasions in which he stands still, his mind continues to explore new worlds. He relaxes by cooking although here too, as with his work, speed is the key feature.

Andrea Vettoretti

Guitarist & composer

Francesca Re

Journalist & SMM

Stefano Tasselli

Business model architect

Livia Cannella

Visual designer

Sara Garofalo

Communication specialist

Fabio Dalla Costa


Marco Monfardini

Composer & media-artist

Walkin’ Jazz Quartet

Enrico, Flavio, Stefano & Walter

Matteo Rampin


Leonardo Benuzzi

Innovation manager

Riccardo Liberati

Theatre Director & actor

Stefano Raffaelli

Pianist & composer

Mattia Venturi

Corporate storyteller

Enrico Tommasini

Dolomiti Ski Jazz Art Director & musician

Flavio Nuccitelli

Corporate storyteller

Augusto Cavazzani

Architect & cartographer

Alberto De Gerloni

Outdoor trainer

Duccio Canestrini


Domenico Fucigna

Architect & trend-setter

Marco Tomazzoni

System admin & cyber security expert

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