We give companies a concrete methodology to favour innovation processes. How?

Trend analysis

This is the starting point to acquire operational indications for the ideation and development of new products or services and new concepts. We identify the future trends on an annual basis through a network of trend-setters. In this exponentially competitive world featuring a very high number of variables, it is of fundamental importance to possess the right tools to innovate and therefore know what is around and what there will be. This work consists in maniacally observing reality and in being able to distinguish between important and negligible signs, connecting through magical mixtures what apparently are uncorrelated ingredients. This is how we make sense of the future by reducing complexity. This is the only way we can innovate in a conscious manner while also reducing costs.

New concept of products, processes and services

After identifying the trends pertaining to the company’s core business, we create a creativity workshop. We then choose from the various techniques at our disposal those that are more suitable for achieving the objectives indicated in the brief. The creative sessions are attended by the managers of our network of clients, selected together with our principal customer in order to give added value to the contamination.

Regressive perspective

It is important to recognise in advance the validity of each new business idea and to forecast which steps must be planned in order to make it successful. This method helps analyse with detachment the advantages, disadvantages and measures to be taken to ensure the successful outcome of an initiative and to anticipate the difficulties that are not forecast today by trying to apply a sufficiently perspective-based outlook.

Narration of innovation

Equally important is giving a name (naming) and narrating the innovative idea in an effective manner, always in tune with the corporate values. We supply tools and criteria for making this idea a strong one, compelling for the company’s staff as well as for external clients. In our experience, if there is strong internal engagement the product or service is more likely to have success on the market too.

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