Since 1995, Garofalo & Idee Associate has undertaken to invest in the region and with the stakeholders, especially with the younger generations. We believe that the combination of creativity and enterprise is mutually beneficial. The investment in culture creates new connections, allows to discover previously unknown scenarios, creates greater motivation and increases stimuli and productivity.

We concretely transform Corporate social responsibility into:

  • Being "Corporate Member Premium Plus" sustainer members of Muse, because it is a means for scientific divulgation
  • Organizing and funding Dolomiti Ski Jazz for the last 20 years so as to give visibility to emerging bands and to promote the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage
  • Creating and distributing scholarships for meritorious students (e.g. Scuola Holden
  • Being supervisors and co-supervisors of 1 or 2 university degree theses a year regarding innovation-related topics
  • Supporting work orientation for University students via participation in Career Days and Job Trainer 
  • Supporting young & senior entrepreneurs in their process of incubation in technology parks
  • Adopting a conscious attitude towards environmental protection through sustainable mobility, smart working and commercial partners who care about environmental sustainability, limiting energy consumption in classrooms and offices, creating ecological corporate gadgets and communication materials
  • Enhancing the differences in gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, ethnic origin, culture, age and religion, to ensure an inclusive and balanced working environment, also among the client's teams
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