The GPS track of his trips would be an intricate mesh around the world that is in constant growth. He rarely stops, and when he does, his mind is always wonder in the exploration new possibilities. Cooking relaxes him and, just like when he works, his distinguishing attribute is his speed of implementation!

 CV Alessandro Garofalo

Lungarno Collection - september 2016

Our mission . . .
The philosophy of the company is based on the innovation of products, services and the internal communication system.
Constantly thinking out of the box and with paradigms, using the appropriate creative techniques given whatever challenge we have to face and the kind of people we have to work with.
For us it is very important to train our customers properly in order to transfer all our expertise as well as the best unconventional training techniques to them, so that our customers don’t have to become dependent on us.
We work with an interdisciplinary approach finalized towards the design and construction of a prototype, even when we are working on elusive concepts.
Our focus is always put on lowering the complexity and increasing the functionality.

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