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24 FEB | Lezione al Cdm di Rovereto
05 MAR | Master Cuoa, Altavilla Vicentina
08 -09 MAR | Luiss, Roma
10 -11 MAR | Cavalese Dolomitiskijazz
23 MAR | Cuoa, Altavilla Vicentina
24 MAR | Comprendere per cambiare in Unindustria Treviso
26 -27 MAR | Scuola Holden / Unipol / Newton
28 -29 MAR | Palmanova per tavola rotonda Unesco

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Scuola Holden di Torino

Idee Associate awards two scholarships for Real World and Crossmedia to the most high-achieving students.

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Una lezione in viaggio

Innovation in Jazz@MUSE

Innovation in Jazz@Holden

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After the success of the first edition, a reprint of our book is now available: a Special Edition, updated with the experience of MIT of Boston!

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Something is moving in Romania ...

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